JH Robotics-Team Gekyume
This year's Junior High Robotic Team members are 8th graders Brianna White, Lisette Morales, and 7th graders Shay Potts and Liliana Morales.

This is the first year we have competed in the LEGO Inventions Robotics Challenge. It took some brainstorming, but we came up with the idea of our robot we named C.H.I.P. This stands for Color Help Is Possible. The basis of our robot design is to help people with color blindness to be able to choose clothing in the colors they have trouble seeing: Red, Blue and Green. 

There is no "cure" for color blindness, so all someone can do is to have strategies to cope with the deficit. 

Here is a picture of our robot C.H.I.P.

 chip robot