Mr. Todd Wilson

I am looking forward to leading your school as Superintendent.  I have looked for a school in which I can lead in an environment that cares about the student first.  Student growth as an individual, as an academic student, and as a productive member of society is job one for my District.  Every asset the District has should be focused to the success of each of those students.

 I have been in education for 19 years.  I taught in the classroom in both academic and extra-curricular classrooms.  I have taught at every grade level with a wide array of students.  I have taught in affluent schools and I have taught in economically distressed schools.  My teaching experiences have taught me many varied skills over the years and I can be at ease in most any situation.

 I have also been a campus administrator.  As an Instructional Leader I have found that time is best spent in the classrooms as much as possible.  A good campus leader will be watching and experiencing the students and teachers in person.  I do not go into a classroom or campus in a “gotcha” mode.  I try to go into a classroom or campus with an “I getcha” mentality.  When I do that I find that I see the needs of the students and the teachers much faster.  I can see that a teacher may need some curricular assistance or that a student may need some one-on-one.

 The teachers that have worked for me welcomed the opportunity for me to come into their classrooms.  They knew that I would be a part of the classroom while I was there, possibly even working with students who might be struggling and just needed to hear the lesson from a different perspective.  They respected my opinion and authority on matters that took decisions.  They trusted me and I hold that trust very dearly.  Giving a good teacher the tools they need to teach with and then getting out of their way when they are teaching correctly is putting the trust into them.

 On a more personal note, I am a father of two, a husband of 27 years.  I am a Christian that believes in being involved in my church.  My son is in college in Lubbock and my daughter is in graduate school in Kansas.  I grew up in Post, Texas.  I know what it is like to have the wind and sand blowing while smelling the gas from the oil fields.  My family has been involved in academic UIL activities, One-Act plays, showing animals with 4H and FFA, and following the sports teams through the seasons.  School for my family has been a large part of our life and career.

 My wife , Sabrina, and I are thrilled to find a school that has welcomed us and will let us be a part of its history as we help lead Chillicothe ISD into the future.  Go Eagles!

 Todd Wilson