Public Notices
Public Notices
Posted on 01/10/2014

Public Announcements 
Chillicothe ISD provides a free breakfast for all students.
August 10, 2017
Chillicothe ISD supports healthy nutrition for our cafeteria and our students.
Healthy meals will be provided at the serving line daily for breakfast and Lunch.
Students may charge as needed with no limit on the number of charges from the cafeteria serving line. Every effort needs to be made to minimize charging of meals and the school will be notifying parents when meals are charged.
This guideline does not apply to snack bar purchases. As this is not a required service, Chillicothe ISD reserves the right to limit any charging at the snack bar.
Please direct questions to Susan Pautsky, CISD Cafeteria Director.

 Nutrition Policy

*Chillicothe ISD is required to follow the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy.  This policy does not restrict what parents may provide for their own child’s meals, but they MAY NOT   provide meals or other food items to other children at school.  Please do not bring items to other children to eat or drink during school hours.